The Mind & The Spine. The Spine & The Mind.

Can you appreciate that how you think influences your back pain…and vice versa? Do you say “absolutely!” or “ridiculous!”? Layden Chiropractic says “absolutely” as more and more research shows that it does. The mind and the spine are intertwined. Let’s take a closer look at this as well as your Plainville chiropractor’s place in helping the spine and the mind when back pain and neck pain occur.

First of all, not only does pain affect our emotions, but it actually causes the brain to lose size and cognitive ability. Yes, it’s true. The front of the human brain - the prefrontal cortex - is thinned when chronic low back pain is present. The good news is that with relief of such back pain, the brain increases in thickness. This suggests that treating chronic back pain - with chiropractic non-surgical care or other care - normalizes brain function. (1) And when the care is so gentle like that which our Plainville chiropractic treatment plan utilizes, you’ll welcome it.

So how does this brain thinning and thickening due to chronic pain affect the length and severity of your back pain? Well, this brain change with chronic pain is a probable explanation as to why acute low back pain becomes chronic pain within 6 months if psychological factors are not addressed at the outset of back pain. Yes, depression and maladaptive cognition was found to be a significant baseline predictor for persistent low back pain up to 6 months later. (2) Granted, not being depressed or upset while in pain would be strange.  But your Plainville chiropractor wants to help you sooner than later.

How else does this mental attitude, this mind overwhelmed with dealing with chronic pain affect health?

Fear Avoidance - Chronic back pain causes some to develop fear of spinal movement and difficulty in coping with pain. Fear causes sick leave. (5)

Sleep Loss - Low back pain is commonly associated with disability, psychological distress and work loss as well as sleep disturbance. (4) You know how you feel when your sleep is cut short for any reason: you just don’t feel up to par. Well, your Plainville chiropractor understands and will aid you to sleep better.

Depression and Bone Loss - Depression and anxiety symptoms are associated with reduced bone mineral density and the formation of osteoporosis. (3) Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you think about”? Wow, these facts look like that is true. Your Plainville chiropractor is trained to deal with your physical pain as well as your mental reaction to it.

Your chiropractor at Layden Chiropractic understands and works with you, the whole person, mind and spine, to get you through this episode and back to your life. Your Plainville chiropractor will lead you through both the chiropractic treatment and long term rehabilitation of your bad back, so you gain confidence to lead a normal life, sleep well, and not fear your work duties. So contact Layden Chiropractic today. Trust your Plainville chiropractor to help both your mind and your spine.

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