January 2019 Plainville Chiropractic Healthy News: Walking, Spinal Manipulation, & Exercise

If Plainville walking is an issue, Plainville chiropractic care may well get you walking better.  

Plainville WALKING 
The ability to walk is vital for Plainville living. How many times a day do you think about walking? How many times are you thankful for being able to walk? Most Plainville folks don’t give walking a second thought until we or a Plainville loved one can not do it or can’t|can not]11] do it as effortlessly as we did at one time. Chronic non-specific low back pain is apt to affect Plainville back pain patients’ motor control while walking. It’s suspected that the erector spinae are operating strenuously in these patients, leading to a stiff lumbar-pelvic region and tougher time walking. (1) A new report shows that spinal manipulation in combination with individualized exercise improves the walking ability in back pain patients like those Layden Chiropractic sees every day who are dealing with lumbar spinal stenosis better than medical care (medications/epidural steroid injections) and/or group exercise in the short term. (2) Further, spinal manipulation for patients with lumbar radiculopathy (leg pain) also benefits the relief of leg and back pain, disability, range of motion and patient satisfaction. (3) The Plainville chiropractic care at Layden Chiropractic incorporates one or all these approaches as appropriate to get you the Plainville back pain relief you desire and keep you walking without your giving it a second thought.

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Dan Shuman on The Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about leg pain relief with his chiropractic care incorporating the Cox® Technic System and exercise.

 Layden Chiropractic encourages exercise for improved physical health as well as reduced cervical and lumbar pain. 

Exercise Just a Little Each Week; It Helps!

It doesn’t take much to better your health, decrease your back pain, and lessen your experience of cervical spine disability. It really doesn’t! A new study says that just 60 minutes of progressive exercise one time a week causes a difference. Such exercise betters overall physical health and decreases the rate of cervical disability and low back pain in patients with musculoskeletal pain. (4) Let us – you and Layden Chiropractic - discuss how you might spend those 60 minutes with useful, do-able exercises just for you, our Plainville chiropractic patient!

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