How many treatments do I need for sciatica relief?

Sciatica or sciatic leg pain heals interestingly. It often comes and goes as it heals, and its going more than it comes is a good sign of healing. Most sciatica sufferers are satisfied with their relief in just a few days, weeks or months of care. chiropractic Cox Technic's research of 1000 patients found that 12 visits in 29 days was average, but your response is unique due to your unique journey of pain to this current episode. (Cox J et al, Topics in Clinical Chiropractic 1996; 3(3)) It sometimes takes a few episodes of sciatica for a patient to realize that control, not cure, is really true. Periodic chiropractic check-ups, exercise, healthy lifestyle changes all can help control sciatica. After considering your options, the number of treatments is up to you.
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