Depression: The Side-Effect of Back Pain No One Likes to Talk About


Big word. Big issue. Little discussion. Lots of hope.

Layden Chiropractic sees depression in the Plainville back pain and neck pain sufferers seeking relief of their short-term and long-term chronic pain. Depression is common especially in long-standing struggles with spine pain. Layden Chiropractic wants our Plainville chiropractic patients to know that they are not alone, that there is hope, that depression doesn’t have to be a permanent state. It just takes recognition and a willingness to share the struggle of depression with your Plainville chiropractor to take step toward a better life outlook without depression.

47% of patients with cervical spine or lumbar spine disc herniation report at least one mood or anxiety disorder. 16.6% report mood disorders and 35.8% report anxiety disorders. Interestingly, pain severity doesn’t seem to affect either of these disorders, but neurological deficits were associated with both. (1) Layden Chiropractic looks for all of these issues and more when we see Plainville neck pain and back pain patients.

Other spine related issues that may affect mood, anxiety and depressed feeling are vertebral fractures. These are common as one in 5 men and women over 50 years of age has at least one of these fractures. They may result in acute and chronic pain as well as decrease your experience of quality of life. (2) So Layden Chiropractic will look for symptoms of these fractures during the Plainville chiropractic exam. The earlier it’s addressed, the better.

Low back pain is the single most common cause for disability in individuals aged 45 years or younger and as a result carries tremendous weight in socioeconomic considerations. (3) When back pain hits in these middle age years when the stressors of life are high, it’s fertile ground for depression. One study shares that women (11%) more than men (4%) who have spinal pain also experience psychological distress. (4) Male or female, Plainville back pain sufferers are prone to have down days.

So contact Layden Chiropractic today for whole person Plainville chiropractic care. Granted, depression does make coping with low back pain more difficult. (5) Discussing when depression is a problem for you may help. Talk with Layden Chiropractic at your next Plainville chiropractic visit. There is hope for relief of pain and its related depression. 

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