Plainville Exercise for Brain Power!

There’s no escaping brain drain as we get older … or is there?! Layden Chiropractic shares some recent research about how to keep one’s brain active and healthy as we age, and it’s not all about doing more crossword puzzles or reading more! Brain research is delving into all types of exercise activities that can help keep the brain sharp. Our Plainville chiropractic patients – young and old alike – will surely appreciate this information.

There is just no escaping exercise. Exercise is essential for your body and your brain. Layden Chiropractic understandably recommends exercise for back pain and neck pain along with our Cox Technic treatment. Exercise enhances the chiropractic care we offer in the office. It keeps our Plainville back pain and neck pain patients moving toward the goal of pain relief. But Layden Chiropractic is well aware that keeping the mind sharp is essential for our patients to be able to cooperate fully in their treatment plan. But what is the best way to keep sharp? What are some options?

How about water-based exercise? Physical exercise is reportedly the most effective method to improve brain health and cognitive function. One study compared two groups of different types of water exercise. Both exercise routines helped the participants improve in various areas like improved attention, memory and learning. One routine showed dramatic improvement in walking and lower limb muscle strength. (1) Researchers emphasize that it’s important to match the patient to the routine for optimal outcomes.

How about integrative exercise? This involves such exercises as tai-chi, yoga, Feldenkrais, dance movement therapy and basic functional movement like practicing sit-to-stand motions. Researchers worked with patients who had dementia and found that this type of integrative exercise benefits these patients functionally (body awareness, movement memory), emotionally (resting when needed, sharing stories and feelings, positive toward exercise), and socially (more coherent and better friend making). (2) So maybe you’ll want to check out some Plainville exercise classes after you talk with your Plainville chiropractor.

How about some simple yoga? An 8 week trial comparing yoga to stretching-strengthening exercise in older participants reveals that those who did yoga showed significantly improved performance on executive function measures (working memory capacity and efficiency of mental set shifting and flexibility). (3) So maybe yoga would be good for you. But talk with Layden Chiropractic first before attempting your first down-dog or sun salutation!

What about starting early in life? Can that help? It should! A recent study points out that an “acute bout of exercise” before learning boosts memory, particularly long-term memory, and verbal learning. (4) Now, Layden Chiropractic isn’t recommending our older Plainville patients start doing calisthenics like young kids do, but maybe a brisk walk will stimulate your memory power!

One last side-note that some Plainville chiropractic may directly affect: chronic low back pain causes atrophy – shrinkage – of the brain’s dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Treating and relieving that pain is shown to reverse the atrophy and actually show increased thickness. (5)

So contact Layden Chiropractic for a Plainville health examination and discussion of what exercise routine may be appropriate for your brain and your body to keep them both healthy and sharp!

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