Spine Care with Plainville Chiropractic is Beneficial

Spine pain. Back pain. Neck pain. Plainville chiropractic care at Layden Chiropractic eases pain. Your Plainville chiropractor truly likes being the spine specialist, the back pain specialist, and would welcome being the Plainville primary spine practitioner for Plainville back pain and neck pain sufferers. Your Plainville chiropractor is confident in the increased popularity of chiropractic care protocols offered at Layden Chiropractic to reduce spine pain.


Undoubtedly, your Plainville chiropractor is well prepared and appreciates the prospect of being the primary spine practitioner as called on in a recent spine research paper. The primary spine practitioner would be expected to be proficient in diagnosis and treatment as well as conservative management of spine pain plus coordinating and communicating well with fellow healthcare providers as needed. (1) That’s the chiropractor, your Plainville chiropractor! Many US adults already think of chiropractic as safe and effective for back pain and neck pain relief. (1) Plainville chiropractic patients know this!


Chiropractic grows in popularity among healthcare users including those in Plainville. Back pain management systems that incorporate care organization between a primary care provider and a chiropractor resulted in low back pain and disability improvement. Patients receiving chiropractic care in these healthcare structures reported significantly better improvement, overall health and quality of life in addition to satisfaction with care versus a primary care management system alone. (2) Chiropractic care was the most used form of treatment in a Center for Complementary Medicine in an integrated healthcare system, being used by nearly 67% of patients with acupuncture (18%) and massage (15%) next in use. Patients seeked out care for spine pain mostly and 59% had seen their medical physician first, 59% had not used complementary medicine options before, and 60% had taken medications. More than 33% of patients referred themselves for this type of care. (3) Many Plainville chiropractic patients do the same.


Clinicians believe that chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy reduces the incidence of acute lumbar disc herniation by about 60%. Chiropractors are most optimistic in their belief that chiropractic spinal manipulation helps decrease the risk of lumbar disc herniation; spine surgeons were more pessimistic. (4) Chiropractors’ confidence is reasonable as a new study reports that the risk of disc herniation is no higher with chiropractic care than with primary medical care. Patients look for care from both types of providers before acute lumbar disc herniation arose resulting in a surgery. (5) Plainville back pain patients are invited to turn to Layden Chiropractic to prevent such occurrences!


Listen in to this PODCAST of a patient’s experience with chiropractic care that had a major impact in his struggle with a disc herniation and kept him from back surgery!

Schedule your Plainville chiropractic appointment to get relief in the hands of your Plainville chiropractor whose confidence is not unfounded in the field of spine pain, back pain and neck pain relief!

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